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Fraghard  -  A Professional gaming community since 1999. With over a decade of experience and...
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FRAGHARD Join us on one of our Chuck Norris Servers!!!!!

We are a worldwide recognized network of Clans & Communities.

Our aim is to bring clans together and stand side by on a multitude of games on the PC platform. By Pooling resources together, sharing knowledge and experience across the network to help everyone get ahead and be successful with populization of servers.We want to provide a stable and consistent community of PC gamers.

Our focus is not on specific game titles but on the membership group, i.e. supporting our members and try to keep them gaming as groups together, on the games they currently play. We do however support a core of games that are supported by a large number of our clan. We're always open to for mature, friendly and fun gamers to participate in online gaming with and there's no obligation to join us to do so. We do try to accommodate all types of gamers from those who are looking for casual gaming, to more dedicated competitive gamers, however our primary focus is for social gaming.

Want to join our Network/ All you have to do is have a group of five players. Register on our site. If you have a clan web site we can link to your site we ask you do the same. Last all clans on the Fraghard Network use teamspeak no exceptions. Join Today! Play Hard Fraghard!